Some of my CSV entries have double quotes

This will occur with Checkbox, Combobox, Dialogue List, or List Box fields if they hold multiple values. The simplest solution is to open the CSV file in a non-formatting text editor such as Notepad and do a Search and Replace on double quotes to turn them into single quotes. Re-save the CSV, and it will then open cleanly in Excel.

Some Attachments did not export

If there is a problem with a duplicate or corrupt attachment, it will not be exported. A log entry will be made for each attachment error in the "Attachment Status" field at the bottom right of the Xport form.

Attachments missing

It may be possible to manually extract these attachments.

Some of my data are missing

Data accessibility is based on the permissions of the active user. Please ensure that your UserID has a sufficient access permission level for the data you wish to export.

Object variable not set

If this occurs while running "Get Row Columns" it indicates that the View name specified does not exist in the specified database. Please check for the correct name. It may be the primary or alias name. This issue was corrected in V3.

Object Variable error


What are the warranty terms?

Kinetic Systems Inc. warrants for a period of 30 days following delivery of the Software that the Software will perform substantially in accordance with the Documentation.

What are the support terms?

Kinetic Systems Inc. will support your use of oTool for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase and download. Support requests should be made via email to Support will be via email, telephone/Skype, or online session.

Do you provide additional services?

Yes, we would be pleased to assist you in your Notes Migration.

We have deep resources and expertise in migrating Lotus data and applications. Whether your needs are simply to get data out of Notes, or a complete migration strategy and campaign, we can help.

We would be pleased to discuss your migration needs and work with you on using oTool as part of your migration process.

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